Family Owned in Englewood, Florida since 1997

Regular maintenance included in the Preventative Maintenance Plan includes:

  • Lubricate steering, front suspension, control linkage and the forward and reverse switch
  • Inspect micro switches and solenoids for loose connections and corrosion
  • Clean batteries and top off water levels
  • Inspect cable and terminal ends
  • Remove and replace bad battery cables​

Service Department

We also offer a Preventative Maintenance Plan that saves you money, in the long run, by avoiding repairs. 
Depending on your needs, you can schedule maintenance monthly, annually, 4 times a year or twice a year. Our maintenance plan is especially valuable to seasonal residents who are only here for short periods of time, as it prevents “down time” when you need it most!

  • Inspect V-Glide (if applicable)
  • Inspect and adjust brakes and cables
  • Anti-corrosion and battery coat terminals
  • Check lights and electronics
  • Check tire pressure
  • Peace of mind

"A Breed Above the Rest"

We offer a variety of golf cart services ranging from basic maintenance to heavy repairs, including bodywork and rebuilds. 

We service all makes and models of golf carts and we are known for being able to track down parts and accessories when others can’t.​ 

Golf Cart Storage:
Heading back up North? Need a place to store your golf cart? Thoroughbred Golf Carts provides a number of indoor and outdoor storage options. Give us a call today to find out what will work best for you. We can even pick it up for you!