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Southwest Florida’s Garia Dealer

Thoroughbred Golf Carts is proud to be the area’s only dealer of fine Garia Carts. These carts are manufactured at the same factory as the Porsche Boxster and Cayman, and receive the same attention to quality. If you are looking for a classy ride that will really set you apart from the crowd, talk to us today about getting you into a new Garia Golf Cart.

About Garia

The ultimate luxury European golf and leisure car

Created with passion Designed to move you, the Garia is a unique combination of performance, versatility and elegance. The team of passionate and highly skilled engineers and designers behind the Garia has created an entirely new class of golf and leisure cars that will forever change the way you feel about driving.

Strong automotive heritage All Garia vehicles are built at the Valmet Automotive in Finland, a certified automotive factory with a track-record of manufacturing Porsche, Saab, Opel and the hybrid luxury vehicle, the Fisker Karma. The Garia is built from some of the finest components in the industry, supplied by companies that also supply Ducati, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Maybach, Volvo, Aston Martin and Jaguar.

A New Driving Experience

A social ride for reconnecting with your friends and neighbors In your active and on-the-go life there is no need to compromise on luxury, style and comfort. With the Garia, you can drive directly from your home to nearby cafes and shopping, to the golf course or to other activities.

Automotive style features include tail lights, high and low beam headlights, turn signals and an automatic parking brake.

The Garia has an extra large cabin and a comfortable, car-like driving position.

There is ample room for your belongings in the storage space at rear, front, behind the seats and in the dashboard.

Visit the Garia Website to learn more about these luxury carts.

The Garia Golf Experience

Take on the toughest games with confidence and style

In cooperation with golf professionals, the Garia has been designed to help your game. The golf bag holders, made from cast aluminum, are angled at 45 degrees – a unique and innovative angle that gives players easy access to all clubs and pockets on the golf bags. The cabin is the largest in its class, providing more width, leg and headroom than traditional golf carts.

The steering wheel features a score card and pen holder. A ball and tee holder is conveniently mounted on the dashboard.

To make sure you arrive at the next tee with a cool head, an air scoop has been installed in the roof to channel fresh air into the cabin while driving. The removable bin on the floor between the seats may be used for waste. For extra convenience in hot Florida weather, the dual cup-holders on each side of the dashboard have been designed to fit regular cans and 32 fl. oz.  bottles.

A refrigerator built into the dashboard keeps refreshments at 41 degrees regardless of outdoor temperature. For a comfortable ride, the automotive safety glass windshield has a shade ban, and the large cabin makes it easy to enter and exit the vehicle.