Biggest, Baddest Bronco


“Kick-ass Bronco Cart” This ass kicking Bronco started its life as a 1961 Club Car chassis.  We added 14 inches of frame lift and 12 inches of suspension lift.  We then placed it on 15 inch aluminum wheels with 31 inch all terrain truck tires.  We installed a custom built roll cage, custom built bumpers and a custom built tilt nose.  From there we installed an electric 4-wheel drive system, an 18 horse power electric motor, with Alltrax’s new 700 amp 72 volt controller, custom forward and reverse shifter and a custom 4 wheel drive shifter. We installed an on board Delta-Q charger to charge the drive system and a battery tender to charge the 12 volt deep cycle accessory battery, it is also equipped with Full River AGM batteries. We converted the stock rear drum brakes to Ausco rear disk brakes and we added Jake’s front disk brakes. The ass kicking stereo consists of a Clarion head unit with two Polk Auto 4×6’s, two Polk Audio 6 ½’s and two 8 inch bazooka tubes with a 500 watt Sony amplifier powering it all, with an MP3 hookup on the dash.  This cart is also equipped with air horns, a 3000lb wench and LED lighting everywhere. From start to finish, on and off, this project took about 2 years to complete with man hours exceeding 400. You won’t find a more bad ass golf cart that is actually a golf cart!




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